Handy Windows 10 Tips & Info

With now over 60 million installations of Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 10, I thought I would share a list of tips & info I have read in articles via Flipboard. Windows 10 is a beautiful OS, but it isn’t without its flaws. Of course, no OS released today is ever 100% perfect, but Microsoft has had its fair share of flops (Windows Me, anyone?). So in no particular order, here are the links to those articles.

I plan on having a review of Windows 10 posted in the future once I get a copy of it to tinker around with, so stay tuned. There have been quite a number of posts made online from people who love it and also from those who absolutely hate it. If you are still on the fence about whether to upgrade your current system, read as much as possible before you make the leap. In some cases, it makes sense to upgrade, while in others, it would be better for you and your machine to retain the OS you currently use.

Author: Karl

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